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Créé par Obey en 1995, Subliminal Projects est un espace de résidence d'artistes émergents ou marginaux qui affirment le graphisme et le dessin comme des éléments de prise de conscience, et donc des contre-pouvoirs aux dérives de notre monde actuel. Ce lieu mèle ainsi Art, Activisme et Musique.

“The driving principle of Subliminal Projects is that art should be accessible to everyone and that art can come from many different perspectives and cultural niches. Good art is good art, whether it’s done on an album cover, a skateboard, canvas, or found cardboard.”– Shepard Fairey

Subliminal Projects is a multi-functional project space and gallery established by Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin in 1995 as a way to introduce skateboard culture and design to the art world. The concept grew and found roots later in Los Angeles, at a time when many artists found themselves shut out by the “art scene.” Subliminal Projects emerged as a gallery that championed emerging and marginalized artists, built out of cultural importance to serve as a center for the community to openly express and spark dialogue about art, music and activism. Now located in the historic neighborhood of Echo Park, Subliminal Projects continues to offer a platform for artistic exploration and innovation.

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